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Rubber Sole OATMEAL Kyrgies + SKD WOOL SLIPPER Baby and Toddler

$ 55.00 $ 35.00

Natural Crepe Rubber Sole and Adjustable Elastic laces with Toggle . Rubber Kyrgies/SKD Wool Slippers  in European sizing 19 to 27 they have a veggie tan Sole and  available in oatmeal and charcoal🍁These are made from natural wool and natural dyes in Bishkek, Kyrgystan. Kyrgies tengries are a sewn slipper. The felt in our tengries is soft and pliable, so it will fit to your feet like a warm hug. This felt is cut out of a large felt sheet, then those cut pieces are sewn together by hand. The midsole is the same orthopedic midsole as in our molded All Naturals, which means these give you the support and comfort your feet need. Kyrgies tengries are held together by an elastic that helps them form to your feet. so they're a snug fit. These feature high-backs, and a pull on tab. Once you're in them, will not_want to take them off. The sole is leather, and will wear in as you wear them, not wear out. These will last through a few kids for warm winter house slippers. please use size chart below to ensure you get the correct size

Kyrgies + SKD Comparison Chart

Kyrgies.      Starry Knight.         ApproxFootSize

Size 19.         Size 3 or 4            4.4-4.75”

Size 20.         Size 5.                  4.7-5.0”

Size 21.          Size 6                   4.9-5.2”

Size 22.         Size 7.                   5.1-5.45”

Size 23.         Size 8.                  5.4”-5.7”

Size 24          Size 8/8.5.           5.6”-5.95”

Size 25.         Size 9.                  6-6.3”

Size 26.         Size 9.5/10.          6.3-6.65”

Size 27.         Size 10.5/11.         6.7”-7”