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Baby Lace ups Size Chart Kyrgies SKD

Euro.         SKD Size Comp.   Foot size

16 -            size 0-1                3.7-4”

17-             size 2                    4-4.2”

18-            size 3                     4.2-4”

19-            size 4                     4.4-4.75”

Super soft and cozy for Newborn up to 1year. Laces make adjustable and easy to get on. Kyrgies/SKD Wool Slippers  in European sizing 16 to 19 they have a veggie tan Sole and  available in oatmeal 🍁These are made from natural wool and natural dyes in Bishkek, Kyrgystan. Kyrgies tengries are a sewn slipper. The felt in our tengries is soft and pliable, so it will fit to your feet like a warm hug. This felt is cut out of a large felt sheet, then those cut pieces are sewn together by hand. Once you're in them, will not_want to take them off. The sole is leather, and will wear in as you wear them, not wear out. These will last through a few kids for warm winter house slippers.